Sophisticated language truly indicates

The level of professionalism and self-development. 90% of personal and business communication is concentrated in various messages and to write on-the-go became a new reality. When the seconds to reply are on the count, who cares about spelling?

Show your literacy in a few clicks

This frivolity may cost a fortune as nobody wants to invite a person, who makes grammar mistakes in a simple email, to an interview or to sign a six-figure contract with an entrepreneur who spells incorrectly 3 words in one sentence. Good news, that your image can be saved with no strings attached by simply using free online spell check. This is the most reliable and available way to eliminate errors from the text and to make a good impression on another person.

A grammar is just a part of a daily routine

Grammatically correct writing is a muscle that can be trained. Like in any other physical training this process can be exhausting, requires efforts and daily dedication. Relying on auto-correction may be not the most winning tactic. Here come a few tricks, which will streamline the grammar improving process:

  • It’s time to recall elementary school time and spelling competitions. Supposedly your professional area of interest is limited to some common sets of words. Pick up TOP 50 the most difficult terms and set the goal to learn how to spell them in a week.
  • Nail it. When writing a text, slow down – don’t focus on speed, rather concentrate on the quality of the words. Not sure? Simply google it and it will remain in your long-term memory.
  • Broaden your vocabulary. Did you know that a regular person uses only one-fifth of the vocabulary? Enrich your lexicon with vivid words. Using the right language sets a high standard of communication.
  • Exercise every day. Consistency is a key element in improving Challenge yourself by writing a letter a day. This recommendation implies thoughts to be expressed by pen and paper. Checking the letter afterward will help to understand the most common mistake and pain points. This is a good indicator of areas for improvement.

Caution! Writing can become addictive and you may end up publishing your essay or even a book.

Become a bookworm

Books are the source of the correct literary language. Even reading for fun may drastically boost your vocabulary and spelling abilities. No coincidence, that people joke often, that even if the books do not make a person smarter, at least this person will know how to spell the words correctly. But the usage of this method can go above and beyond when applied extensively. This means to notice not only grammar techniques but also to pay attention to punctuation and building more difficult sentence constructions.

Analyzing the language used in books gives a clearer understanding of the tones of the words. This helps to avoid inappropriate misuse. Everyone is in a position to find 20 minutes per day for reading, whether you do it before going to bed or standing in a line for your morning coffee.

Literature is a masterpiece and art to inspire. Go with the book, which responds to your interests and brings joy.

Advance the book challenge by reading out loud

When we are reading silently, our attention is distracted. Reading out loud brings a reader to the next level of concentration. A person starts to notice different junctions, new functions of the words, and make sure to read all of them correctly. It is scientifically proved that while reading out loud the person is more likely to remember the material he or she is concentrated on. It is called a production effect. This way you will remember more words and their spelling as both visual and verbal memories are involved.

Additionally, this improves articulation and intonation. This is a great way to improve pronunciation as speaking is as important as writing.

Advancing grammar skills by rewriting a book

Adding motor skills on top of developing visual and verbal memories can lead to great success in spelling improvement. We would like to challenge you and offer to rewrite at least 10 pages from books per day! Sounds impossible? The results will greatly surprise you. This technique brings to action a motor learning process, which helps to remember the right spelling 5 times faster than simply reading or checking the correct answer on the internet.

It’s important to choose the right book for this exercise. This may be classic literature, some piece, which will influence your vocabulary positively.

Important outcomes to keep in mind

All the above options are decent methods to work on your language, enrich it, and make clear. However, all of them require proper time management, discipline, and patience. This accelerating world and life tempo don’t give us enough time for self-improvement. When the result should be immediate, in the era of digitalization we expect the solution, which will bring it to us in seconds.

For this purpose, bookmark the service. This is a big brother with an ‘A’ in grammar and spelling. Just in a few clicks, all the mistakes will be detected along with the suggestion for improvement. The good news is that this service is free of charge, but it can bring invaluable benefits to saving you from grammar collapse in front of your colleagues or business partners.

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