Teachers of Reddit who have /had an intimate relationship


Reddit has been offering a forum to many people. It allows people to meet and interact well. These platforms can sometimes be led to some ties that can be intimate or not professional. We are going to discuss how the teachers of Reddit developed a close relationship.

How teachers of Reddit have/had an intimate relationship

I was not very smart during my elementary school education until high school. My poor performances made me put into special education classes not to distract the other students. I was also a comedian, and my comical skills made me distract other serious students a lot. I was even categorized as a Behavior Disorder student.

I was placed in a class comprising of 5-6 children for half-day, and the other half was placed with the typical students. In the 7th grade, we were assigned a new teacher. She was in her mid-20s teaching for the first time. She had not taught anywhere previously. My grades had improved very well, but my comical behavior had not ended.

I was continuously disturbing her with my jokes, other directions, and swaying the attention of the teacher away. I would make sexual comments to her when we were with the other six kids in class. Everybody was laughing, and she grew tired of me that she sent me to the principal’s office one day. I received the common after school detention. Detention days were on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to find the best writing service at Reddit.

However, I was used to detention a lot; they asked to be supervising my detention in school on Tuesday. She could not turn it down since it was the principal who asked her. While managing me on Tuesday, she dropped her pens down and bent over to pick them. I made some silly comments about her bending again, asking her if she could turn again. To my surprise, she did that again so that I could get a more excellent view.

From that, we continued talking with her freely. The comments got us to sexual contact. I could see what she needed was attention. She was missing attention so much, even from a younger person like me. She wanted to feel wanted but with some privacy. I thought that my Bad Boy status is the one attracting her towards despite being like one year younger than her.

What happened next?

I spend so much time with her privately, and she became more comfortable and willing o do. It was a slow process until when I stepped things up. I got a finger in there and immediately unzipped her pants. I just started getting intimate with her on the point without even asking, but she was enjoying it. It was a norm now as it continued for a very long time until I was in 8th grade at Reddit.

She enjoyed that she sometimes started blackmailing me with improving my grades.


There have been instances whereby students have developed intimate relationships with students. Above is one of the Reddit testimonies of how a student got intimate with the teacher.

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