2020: The year I tackled my living room decor

My living room has been a difficult room to conquer.

Like a lot of people, my home’s budget was initially eaten up by a new kitchen and a new bathroom. You know, the common major expenses that tend to happen when you initially move in!

Well, 2020 was different. It might be the year that a lot of us remember for a whole host of other reasons, but I put a positive spin on proceedings. This was the year that I finally tackled my living room and made it an area of my home that I was proud of.

Through today, I’m now going to talk through how I did it, and some of the savvy tips I used to do it without spending huge sums of money.

Step #1 – I decluttered

I had read plenty about decluttering, but I had never taken it seriously. Well, 2020 was the year my perceptions of the subject changed. I spent weekends upon weekends decluttering my living room. I got rid of a lot of old magazines, books and DVDs. I even got rid of my old computer!

I also took the time to declutter my closet, which was no easy task. It was a major undertaking that required several days’ worth of work but the results were stunning. Forget buying new furniture; decluttering was the high-impact living room change I made.

Step #2 – I cleaned up and painted

My living room is an open-plan design with the kitchen at one end and the dining area at the other.  It’s not very large, so it meant that there wasn’t much space for furniture or decorations.  The walls were bare apart from some artwork, but they could have been better decorated with more pictures or posters.

So, what did I do? Well, firstly I painted the walls in a light shade of white and made sure they were properly prepared before painting them on both sides.  Then I bought some picture frames and hung up some family photos that had been languishing in boxes for years!

Step #3- I added some greenery

I love plants, so it was only natural that my living room would have plenty of greenery.  In fact, when you walk into my home, one of the first things you’re likely to notice is all the plants dotted around the place!

Most people think that plants need lots of sunlight to grow properly, but this isn’t always true. Many houseplants do better with less light as they don’t require as much energy for growth or photosynthesis. This means that if your windows aren’t very large or if they get a lot of direct sunlight during certain parts of the day then you might want to consider getting some low-light plants.

Or, to take matters a step further, have a look at this resource from Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers have impressed me a lot recently, a lot of my neighbors have used them and the bouquets are glorious. I found this Avas Flowers coupon page as well, which shaved a few dollars from my order total.

Step #3 – I added color through accessories

There was a lot of white in my living room, but I wanted to add some color. Therefore, I bought a few throw cushions and added them to the couch.  Then, I bought some new lamps and put them on either side of the TV.

These were the finishing touches to my room, but they made all the difference. My aim going forward is to keep refreshing these accessories, so that I hopefully never get bored of my living room again!

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