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Harrow International School is a British feelings institute that provides the facility of boarding to a diverse range of children of age 6 and above.


It deals with children of two types that include primary and secondary

Set of courses:

Harrow International School includes children of pre-prep school (1 to 5 years), prep school (6-8 years), and the British National Curriculum is provided to amplify and refine their skills. Senior School (9 to 11 years) incorporating IGCSE, sixth form includes (12-13 years), and extended project qualification for A-levels.


Harrow absorbs children of different areas, so for their convenience the medium of communication is English and as a side option, French and Spanish are also available.

Application schedule:

You need to apply to Harrow International School before its entry. Furthermore, the best time according to experts at the end of the summer term is approximately 14 months before entry.

Waiting list:

You should wait for the waiting less in case if you are highly confident about your people. Furthermore, the status and schedule of the waiting list varies.

Facilities and Campus:

Harrow International School is well-equipped with all the mandatory advancements. They equip it with a learning lounge, library, sports hall, indoor swimming pool, music and art specialist, and top-notch laboratories. Furthermore, in the category of outdoor sports, there is availability of a long list that includes a tennis court, basketball court, and state-of-the-art Astro Turf pitch. Not only will this, but at the end of this academic year, new theater also get completed.

Acceptance by top Universities:

Top prestigious universities of the world will take the Harrow International School pupils as a hot cake. The list of top universities includes the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Ivy League universities in the US.


Before the admission process take a brief look at the fees structure. The fee pattern of Harrow International School HK is enlisted below for your convenience.

Policy of fees

First of all, we will discuss the policy of fees before heading towards other topics. The policy of the school fees actually forms a contract that exists between parents and the school. Below you will find the detail of the policy read it with terms and conditions.

Fees and additional charges

It is the responsibility and duty of the school to establish a transparent and fair fee policy. And in return, the school has high expectations from parents. School expects the parents to pay all fees. It publishes annually the schedule of fees and has to pay in local currency as Hong Kong branch parents will pay in Hong Kong dollars.

Fees of application

Application fees are separately charged from the parents by Harrow International School. This covers the costs of the department of administration. As it involves the administration department in the entry of all applicants’ respective applications. Furthermore, the application is non-transferable and also non-refundable. So think twice before applying.

Tuition fees of academic year 2020-2021

The tuition fees are different for different grade levels. Let’s discuss the autumn, summer, spring, and annual fees of diverse age groups.

  • K1 and K2 has annual fees (149,924), autumn term (59,970), spring term (44,977), and summer term (44,977).
  • Year 1 to 5 has annual fees (171,671), autumn term (68,669), spring term (51,501), and summer term (51,501).
  • Year 6 to 8 has annual fees (196,091), autumn term (78,437), spring term (58,827), and summer term (58,827).
  • Year 9 to 11 has annual fees (196,091), autumn term (78,437), spring term (58,827), and summer term (58,827).
  • Year 12 to 13 has annual fees (203,868), autumn term (203,868), spring term (61,160), and summer term (61,160).

Capital Levy

Annual payment of Capital Levy is compulsory for those pupils are with no any sort of Debentures and Capital Certificates. This payment is non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-interest bearing. Each year review of the levy amount is done. If we look at the Capital levy charge in perspective of Harrow International School, then it is an annual HK$60,000 per pupil. All fees and bills should be paid in local currency, and the due date is the first of each term.

  • Moreover, tuition fees include the expenses of essential school supplies, field trips, handouts, books, insurance of pupil, and activities, but it excludes some factors which are listed below.
  • The cost of lunch, transport fees, snacks, and school uniform does not count in the expenses of tuition fees
  • For year 9, the cost of English, Mathematics, and science notebooks is not included in tuition fees expenses.
  • For year 10-13, they exclude the examination fees and textbooks cost from tuition fees
  • A special discount will be given to the children whose siblings are already studying in Harrow school. The fourth child will be given a 10% discount, the third child will be given a 5% discount, fifth and the next child will be given a 15% discount.

Boarding fees

The boarding program of School is suitable for children under age 6 and onwards. The boarding pattern includes five nights of child at the school that is from Sunday 7 pm to Friday 4:30 pm. Boarding fees pattern of individuals are:

Annual fees excluding tuition fees is 111,459, autumn term (44,583), Spring term (33, 438), and summer term fees is (33,438)

Additional charges

10 to 13 year’s pupil buy their books directed by school at their expenses

Examination fees

The pupils of 10 to 13 years have to charge examination fees. These charged fees will be taken by the examination department for the proper conduction of the exam. In case, if a pupil re-appears in a particular test then, he has to pay additional charges for the re-appearance in the test.

Method of payment

The payment can be done in two ways:

Bank transfer

Bank transfer includes the bank of beneficiary, address of the bank, name of beneficiary, swift code, and chip number.


Make sure you are paying the cheque to the Harrow International School foundation limited along with writing the year, name, group of the student on the back of the cheque.


Long story short, Harrow International School is considered the best school by various students, teachers, and parents.

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