8 AWS jobs that you can get with AWS certifications.   

Americans and the Europeans are very much fond of Netflix. So much so that Netflix alone supersedes the streaming popularity of YouTube, HTTP media stream, Twitch, Daily Motion, Amazon Prime by a substantial 26.5%! With In-house physical data storage facilities and the scalability of the volume keeps it far easier to use and switch.

Netflix, on the other hand, promotes AWS Cloud to be a partner in their success. Yes, without AWS, our world would have been boring without Netflix. CNBC reports that in the next five years of time frame, our app stores would be filled with new 450 million Apps. And all of the app makers eye to AWS for cloud solutions.

This is all because Amazon’s web servers make up so much of the internet. AWS alone controls 40% of the global share in the cloud market; this is an invisible infrastructure alike hidden pipes, water mains, and submarine cables of the internet. AWS is one such company that experts predict would not suffer a loss even if Armageddon happens! Corona Pandemic could not punch this platform hard; it seems that AWS is doing just as fine before.

Today in this article, we will help you sketch the roadmaps to a dream job with AWS certifications. We will tell you in-depth about all its 12 certifications & the career pathway.

AWS Cloud Architect

The field of Cloud Computing Architecture is robustly growing its presence like never before. Millions of Active customers, including several government accounts to benefit from the AWS cloud. As a cloud architect, you confirm integration and hyper-functioning of the Customer’s environment overcloud. Keeping it secure from malware and cyber-attacks.

This job alone stands 2nd in most paying jobs in the world. You draw an average of $170000 as a Cloud Architect. This job demands Master certification to carry out the roles and responsibilities of a Cloud Architect. The roadmap starts with AWS Tech Essential certification then you do AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. Further, you have to complete the streak with AWS Solution Architect certification

AWS SysOps Administrator

Long story short, as a SysOps Administrator you work in installation and configuration, maintenance and operation of Virtual system Infrastructure. You draw salary ranging from $110000-$165000 depending upon your expertise, certification level, and experience.

As a SysOps Admin, your journey starts with AWS Cloud practitioner certification.

Then you have to get conferred the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate certification. Further, you mend your expertise and validate your skills by an AWS DevOps Engineer certification. Two years of experience in SysOps development can make you eligible for this certification.

Operational Support Engineer

Although this job is not high paying as the above jobs. You draw a salary of $85000 a year in this role. You bring resolutions of operational issues, monitor environment upgrades. This job role can be achieved with an AWS Developer certification. Ahead with AWS DevOps Engineer certification, you become a full-fledged senior operational engineer and can earn more than $130000.

Cloud Software Engineer

Programming language fluency is a crux to be successful in this job. You should be delivering exponential prowess with Python, JS, C++, and Ruby. You treat complexities in the implementation of new software services and route the system to foster the solution.

On average, in this role, you tend to earn $71000 per annum.

Cloud System Integrator

This intermediate-level job role displays your cloud knowledge daily, working with cloud architecture. Certification like AWS Cloud Practitioner and having 9 months’ experience in it. Will make you eligible for AWS Developer Associate certification, which further proves your knowledge as a Cloud System Integrator. This job normally fetches you a salary of $85000 per annum.

DevOps Engineer

This job role is an expert level role in which you draw more than $135000 salary per annum. To be a successful DevOps Engineer, one must complete certifications like AWS SysOps Administrator and AWS Developer certification to be eligible for professional certification. Then with gradual experience of 2 years in as SysOps Engineer, you undergo AWS DevOps Engineer certification.

AWS Solution Architect

It is one of the many names of a Cloud Architect. With both AWS Solution Architect Associate and professional certification you become a Cloud Architect. However, we find the name different because of other Cloud certifications from Microsoft and Google. This job alone can fetch you a salary of $145000 per year.

Cloud Developer

With certifications like AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Advanced Networking, you can work as a Cloud Developer. Or else you can take a different route by doing AWS Tech Essential and then AWS Developer certification. In both the pathways you need to nibble for doing a speciality certification, i.e. AWS Advanced Networking to raise your salary ceiling. With AWS Advanced Networking, you can earn a salary of $145000 per year as a seasoned Cloud developer.

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