What all factors make CBAP Certification More Convenient Than All Others?

It is required for the companies to adjust to the constant changes that occur in the market. There are numerous factors that are measured and evaluated by the industries before they take the correct action that will handle or control them in a proper manner.

It should be guaranteed that the changes do not affect the development of the company and that the loss is minimized. Thus, the necessity of business examiners is increasing every day in the current world.

Certified Business Analysis Professional® is a certification offered by IIBA®. There are many certifications offered by it, But CBAP® certification is the most famous certifications available for business analysts.

This certification is best suitable for any business analyst to expand their career further and get acknowledged across companies. There are many advantages you can receive by achieving the CBAP® certification. This certification helps one to validate their skills and competency in this field. In addition, it enables employers to measure the capability of an individual through these certifications. After obtaining the certification, you also get a higher amount of responsibilities within your organization.


To acquire the CBAP certification, it is needed to meet the following:

  • Accumulate a total of 7,500 hours of experience in any work associated with business analysis in the previous ten years.
  • Also, it is needed for one to complete 900 hours of experience across four knowledge areas of the BABOK® guide out of a total of six.
  • Professional development must be acquired for 35 hours within the previous four years.
  • Accept the Code of Conduct.
  • Accept terms and conditions.

These are some advantages that candidates can receive after getting the CBAP certification. For instance:

  • Better and Wider Perspective: It includes some processes and techniques for finding the solutions to the problems with consideration.
  • Validates Knowledge: The CBAP® certification validates the skills and expertise of an individual as a professional BA. It also proves that they have all the required skills and knowledge for a specific role.
  • Gain Recognition and Acknowledgement: Acquiring this certificate will help you to get recognized and respected within your organization, also from your peers and colleagues.
  • Dedication: The individuals with the CBAP certification are considered to have an immense amount of dedication to the career path of BA. So, they are known to offer more value and benefit to the business with their skills and knowledge.
  • Common Language: After completing the CBAP certification training course, you are capable of explaining the tough or complex concepts of BA to the other non-professionals and professionals in a way that is easily understandable for them.
  •  Enhances Career Prospects and Salary: The salary of an individual can increase greatly after obtaining the CBAP certification. They will also get the chance to work on more complex and important projects and programs of the organization.

CBAP certification is best suitable for:

The CBAP certification is best suitable for individuals working in a business analysis environment and have acquired ten years of working experience. Some of the individuals that can take up this certification are:

  • Non-BA advisors
  • Project Managers
  • Trainers
  • Change Managers
  • Quality Assurance Testers

Here is the explanation of a few of the benefits of the CBAP® Certification:

  1. Shows Determination: This certification is very tough to crack. Therefore, it requires long hours of dedication, determination and hard work to completely prepare for the exam. It normally takes three months or more to completely prepare for the exam. Thus, everyone knows the effort and hard work an individual has to put in to achieve a CBAP certification. So, it is normal for employers to notify the individuals with the CBAP certification. It also demonstrates the competency of an individual to manage complex projects that might need extra hours of hard work to get the needed outcome.
  2. Better Salary: The income of the individuals with the CBAP certification is higher than that of the uncertified individuals. It is also known that the individuals with the certification receive at least 10% higher salary. It also occurs in the project management sector. The professionals that acquire the PMP certificate receive a better salary than that of the uncertified individuals. In addition, the individuals with the certification get the chance to work on better projects. These projects bring a bigger difference in the industry and also enhances their profile by adding value.


Therefore, it is one of the best options for anyone wanting to boost up their career level in this field. It can also help one to pursue a better or bright career path.

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